I O P A = Intra oral peri-apical view (Small x.ray of 3 to 4 diseased teeth)
OCCLUSAL UPPER = Digital X.Ray of palate with inner aspect of upper jaw
OCCLUSAL LOWER = Digital X-Ray of floor of mouth with inner aspect of lower jaw.


We have also introduced Direct Digital I O P A and Occlusal (Carestream CS 7600 – World’s first Intelligent Flexible Dental Imaging System) for the first in Saurashtra and we are pioneer to introduce it in the Radiology set-up in INDIA. With this new Scan & Go Technology we can get superb Digital IOPA and Occlusal images directly on the computer screen with very thin, flexible and wireless plates within as little as 5 seconds.

Palatal diseases, abscesses, salivary duct stones, dental / palatal cysts, infection / Carries of teeth, fracture of teeth / jaw, cancer of mouth / mandible etc can be diagnosed more confidently and accurately with this technology.