Mammo-Sonography means high frequency Digital X-Ray (With high resolution Sonography) of Breasts.

Mammography requires special machine other then conventional x.ray machine. The diagnosis can be more priced if sonography is done alongwith mammography. Both mammography and sonography are equally important. Hence combine examination of breast with Mammography and Sonography is called Mammo-Sonography

It is done in a private department with full privacy by experienced Female Technician under guidance of Radiologist. Facility of FNAC (Biopsy done with the help of Fine Niddle) is also provided by expert pathologist from breast lesions if required.

Mammo-Sonography is required for Diagnosis, Treatment and Screening of various breast diseases like Cancer, Small tumours, mass, Benign or Malignant lesions. Mammo-Sonography of opposite breast should be done before any breast surgery.

Mamo-Sonography should be done in following manner
Age : 35 to 40 years : 1st Mammo-Sonography
Age : 40 to 50 years : Once every two years
Age : Above 50 years : Every year
In case of family history of cancer : Every year

Advantages of early diagnosis of breast cancer by Mammography.

If Cancer is detected in early stages, the treatment produces better results and becomes less painful, less expensive and short without side effects. This is an important examination for detection of breast cancer and other breast related disease which provides right direction for the treatment BUT it is not alternative of medical examination, Biopsy or FNAC.

MAMMOGRAPHY = Early Diagnosis + Immediate Treatment => Excellent Results